Thursday, 6 January 2011

Body Shop Lust

Ahh, Body Shop, how I love thee! Although Body Shop products are reasonably expensive I just love their smell and packaging. As soon as I walk into one of their stores I immediately smell the air and it smells gorgeous! I recently bought some products in their sale and I cannot wait to use them!

For a while now I have liked the look of Skin Primer 02 Matte It, when I last went into The Body Shop I took a swatch and the texture is very matte and lasted on my hand for ages. I recently had a £5 off voucher, but used it for a friend (I'm such a good person :P) and if I go shopping in the near future and don't end up buying much, I will definitely get this! Finding a good primer is very important, and my last primer (which was No7) was absolutely awful, so I really long to find an amazing one, and this might just be it! Pretty pricey at £11, but I hope it's worth it!

It is just me, or do these Baked-Eye-Colours look amazing! I love the fact that they come in a variety of colours and have two sections to give different looks. My favorites are Copper, Jade and quartz. The price is a 'lil steep at £10, but if they are good quality does it really matter?!

The Body Shop's Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour looks like it will either be an amazing colour, or the kind of sheer colour that barely shows up. Either way, I plan to find out buy either buying Sheer Lychee, Sheer Watermelon or Sheer Pomegranate, the last of which looks like it will be an intense red, but I'm guessing it will show up on the lips as a slight cherry tint. Each lipstick is £9.50 each.

Overall I found that The Body Shop's skincare products have really good results and smell drool-worthy, but I have yet to test their makeup. Here's hoping I will soon :)

Hope you're having an amazing New Year so far!

Alex x

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Benefit Sale Lust

Since the January sales are on and every shop under the sun is having one, I thought I'd check out Benefit's online sale of reductions of up to 50%!

I love Benefit's packaging! It's so pretty, if only the products were cheaper...sigh...

I love this shade of the silky powder eye shadow in shallow. It looks like a great base shade and the sort of eye shadow that would go with whatever you're wearing. Other shades of this eye shadow included in the sale are: bossy, fishnets, get away and soft shoulder (all great names by the way!), but shallow really caught my attention because of its bright coral colour. £12.50 to... £8.25!

I've heard great things about Benefit's lipsticks and this is a shade I definitely want to own: silky finish lipstick in ginger snap. It's a cream lipstick, which should mean it's long lasting and the colour is just divine, I can see it working for day or night. £14 to... £9.20!

To be quite honest even with the sale, these products are still too expensive for my price range... nevermind, a girl can dream. :)

Alex x